Cooking and Baking in Hebrew
5th-8th Grade

Course Description

Improve your Hebrew through cooking and baking!

  • Expand your vocabulary in a fun and interactive way
  • Learn about Israeli culture through food
  • Acquire conversational skills in an intimate setting

In our hands-on course comprising 5 sessions, students will enrich their Hebrew vocabulary while learning to cook and bake a variety of delicious foods from the diverse Jewish ethnic backgrounds that make up Israel.

תיאור הקורס

שפר/י את העברית דרך בישול ואפיה!

  • שיפור אוצר המילים בדרך מהנה וחוויתית
  • לימוד על תרבות ישראלית דרך האוכל שאנחנו אוכלים
  • רכישת יכולות שיחה באווירה אינטימית
July 13th
5pm EDT/2pm PDT
July 16th
5pm EDT/2pm PDT
July 20th
5pm EDT/2pm PDT
July 23rd
5pm EDT/2pm PDT
July 27th
5pm EDT/2pm PDT

Meet the Teacher

About the teacher

New York, NY

Shirley was born and raised in Israel and has been living in New York City for over a decade. In her daily life, Shirley manages IAC NY Educational Programs for children and teens.

Ever since she was a little girl, Shirley enjoyed sneaking into the kitchen and baking recipes she saw on TV or found in her mother’s cookbooks. She finds baking to be both a relaxing and creative activity. For her, baking a Babka (and eating it, too) is the best medicine.

In her free time, Shirley combines her two passions: working with children and baking. She hosts baking workshops for kids and has a loyal following that enjoy her specialty sweets.

Join Shirley and embark on an adventure of ethnic Jewish food exploration and discovery!