Israeli Spirit 5th-6th Grade

Course Description

In this course we will get to know the superheroes of our holidays. from Passover to Yom Ha’atzmaut ( Independence Day), Lag B’omer and Shavuot. We will think together who is a hero ? How do we define one? What have we learned from our own superheroes? We will end with creating our own personal Jewish superheroes.

תיאור הקורס

גיבורי העל של מורשת ישראל מפסח ועד ליום העצמאות  דרך ל”ג בעומר ושבועות.  נחשוב יחד מיהו הגיבור? כיצד מגדירים גיבור,  מה אנו למדים מגיבורי ישראל? נסיים את הקורס ביצירת גיבור על יהודי אישי לנו.

May 27th
3:00pm EDT
June 3rd
3:00pm EDT
June 10th
3:00pm EDT
June 17th
3:00pm EDT
June 24th
3:00pm EDT

Meet the Teacher

About the teacher

Amir Eden

Amir Aden
Scotsdale Ar

My name is Amir. I am an Israeli American. I hold an M.A in Educational Administration from San Francisco State University. I have twelve years of experience as a Hebrew teacher, six years as a “Modern Israel” teacher, three years as a 6th to 12th Hebrew Department Chair, two years as a Middle and High School Principal, and six years K-12 Head of Judaic Studies, Hebrew, Jewish Life and Israel connections. I also had the honor of leading 19 educational trips to Israel. I had the pleasure of serving:
Brandeis Hillel Day school (CA) , Donna Klein Jewish Academy (FL) , Jess schwartz college prep (AZ), Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Educational Campus (NV), and Tucson Hebrew Academy (AZ).
I also had the honor of serving as the founding Board Chair of the Israeli Scouts and The founding Regional Director of IAC in Las Vegas.
I am married, a father of two young men and in my free time I love to travel, read, cook, play and coach soccer.
I am exited of the opportunity to lead you on a special journey as we explore our spectacular Jewish heritage while learning about our own part in it.