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Thousands of Jewish-American children and adults expanded and enriched their knowledge about Israel and the Hebrew language by participating in tailor made courses curated especially for their communities by IAC OFEK.

OFEK (IAC platform) is an innovative educational platform, featuring live content and online courses with an Israeli flavor, for all ages at varying levels, while each course brings the spirit of Israel into the heart of every home. Our vision is to make Israeli and Jewish education accessible and affordable, allowing each student to continue a lifelong Jewish educational journey guided by skilled, certified, and experienced teachers. We are collaborating with organizations to build tailor-made content for the specific needs of their communities. Our target is to meet you and your community’s goals wherever you are.

We are happy to announce that IAC OFEK has received a grant from a special donor that the Hebrew language and Israel studies are close to their heart and would like to allow every community to learn about and connect to Israel.

The grant will allow us to offer courses to your community at a very subsidized cost. You can choose from: OFEK’S Hebrew courses, 
Enrichment courses,
Professional development courses, B’nai/B’not Mitzvah courses and Holocaust courses.

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Hear from Rabbi Cytron-Walker, Congregation Beth Israel, Texas​

Leslie White, a Jewish history Educator at OFEK, provides an introduction to the Holocaust classes.





 Holocaust courses

The Life and World of Anne Frank | 4th-6th grades

The history of the Holocaust is told through the life and events of Anne Frank, her family, and the helpers in Amsterdam, Holland. Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, which the Frank family had called home for centuries. The family must move from their beloved home to Amsterdam, Holland, where they will be free from persecution, or so they think.
We will meet the inhabitants of the Secret Annex: each member of the Frank family, the Van Pels family, and Dr. Fritz Pfeffer, and take a virtual tour of the Secret Annex in Amsterdam, where the families spent over 2 years in hiding. Lessons include The History and The World Outside; The Diary and the Hiding Place; The Helpers and the Righteous.

The Shoah Diaries | 4th-6th grades

Inspired by the life and spiritual resistance of Anne Frank, students will be introduced to the Holocaust through a series of newsworthy headlines. They will then be encouraged to journal and focus on their creative writing skills while examining each topic further.

Voices From the Holocaust – Middle-High School

Following the rise in antisemitism worldwide and the ever-growing need to understand and learn from history, we invite you to participate in this program specifically curated for teens.
This is an introductory class that follows the chronological timeline of the Holocaust, emphasizing primary sources and survivor testimony. Beginning with the end of the Great War in 1918 through the liberation of the camps in 1945, we will continue to question the who, what, when, why, and how in attempting to gain a basic understanding of this history.

The Next Chapter | 7th-12th grades

A close examination of the rarely covered aspects of the Holocaust, beginning with the liberation of the camps and ending with a contemporary look at what we have failed to learn, and what is possible in a post-survivor world. Includes lessons on Liberation, the Righteous Among the Nations, justice and the post-war trials, the capture and trial of Adolf Eichmann, and Holocaust denial and modern-day antisemitism.
Voices from the Holocaust II: Advanced Holocaust Studies | High School
This class will focus on a more in-depth study of the history of the Holocaust, examining the different roles of victims and perpetrators, and the social hierarchies that developed in each setting. We will dissect primary source photos and text while continuing to hone our critical thinking skills regarding the major themes of the Holocaust – words, choices, and personal responsibility. Sessions include:
→ The Ghettos
→ The War in Eastern Europe and the Final Solution
→ The Concentration Camps
→ Women and the Holocaust
America and the Holocaust

Pre-Yom HaShoah course for Madrichim

In Honor of Yom HaShoah- We are preparing the Madrichim for leading a meaningful and age-appropriate Yom HaShoah Day with the younger students.

Talking to your children about the Holocaust

Toward Yom HaShoah- an informative session on discussing this very difficult topic with young children and how to field their questions and concerns sensitively. Holocaust education is NOT Holocaust history.
Films, TV, and books are great ways to introduce children to the topic. Have tough conversations at home. Teach children to sort through misinformation. Help kids with remembrance.
The Holocaust teaches the importance of tolerance, respect, and inclusion. Illustrates the dangers of hate speech.
Supports resilience. Prevents future atrocities.
Virtual Tour of “Holocaust Museum LA” Holocaust Museum LA is the first Holocaust Museum in the United States founded by survivors and its mission is to commemorate those who perished, honor those who survived, educate about the Holocaust, and inspire a more dignified and human world. The five, age-appropriate and interactive classes, will visit five rooms at the museum and help students understand key aspects of the Holocaust through stories, eyewitnesses, and museum artifacts.

Pre-course for visiting a Holocaust Museum

Visiting a Holocaust museum is a very important aspect of learning about the history of the Holocaust. We will guide you and your students and prepare your class for a meaningful visit. We will go over definitions, timetables, artifacts, and what to expect when visiting the museum.

Prep Course for College – Antisemitism and Jewish History

This course provides a comprehensive overview of antisemitism, Jewish history, and its contemporary relevance, aiming to foster understanding, empathy, and critical thinking among students.
The course goal is to provide the tools and confidence for pre-college High School students as a preparation for conversations that may come up on campus and amongst peers.

Teaching the Holocaust to Educators

How do you teach the Holocaust? What tools do you need to introduce the subject to your students?

Pedagogical Principles for Holocaust Instruction:Define terms.
→ Provide background on antisemitism.
→ Contextualize the history.
→ Teach the human story.
→ “choiceless choices”
→ dilemmas
→ circumstances
→ Use primary source materials.
→ Make the Holocaust relevant.
→ Encourage inquiry-based learning and critical thinking.
→ Foster empathy.
→ Ensure a supportive learning environment.



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