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   Enrichment Courses for Kids & Teens

History, Cooking, Psychology,  and Art – there is something for everyone here! Join us for diverse courses taught by expert teachers.

שיעורי העשרה לילדים ונוער

היסטוריה,  בישול,  פסיכולוגיה,  אומנות – מגוון רחב של קורסים בנושאים מגוונים המועברים על ידי מורים מומחים מרחבי ארה”ב וישראל.

New and ongoing courses

Past Courses

Mothers And Daughters Celebrating Mitzvah

The “Bat Mitzvah” is an exciting step for a girl in her journey growing up....
Hebrew/English 10 Sessions

Tishrei ‘Holidays

In this course we will explore the Jewish holidays through the Hebrew calendar and learn...
English 5 Sessions Sep 21, 2022

Cooking class- A taste of Israel

Love cooking? Let’s do it together and make delicious Israeli food. Israeli cuisine is known...
Hebrew/English 5 Session

B’nai/B’not Mitzvah Service Project

In this B’nai/B’not Mitzvah course, students will be learning about the meaning behind the B’nai/B’not...
English 10 Sessions Oct 26, 2022

B’nai/B’not Mitzvah

B’nai/B’not Mitzvah Program – A modern approach to an ancient tradition. In our sessions together,...
English 10 Sessions Jan 26, 2023

Adventures with Coding, Artificial Intelligence and Israeli Innovation 5th-8th Grade

Israeli Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Programming Adventures for Kids is a 10-week online and interactive...
Hebrew/English 10 Sessions

Adventures in Cybersecurity and Israeli Innovation Middle School and High School

The objective of this course is to provide students a high-level understanding of the foundations...
Hebrew/English 10 Sessions

אשליות ושיפור תמונות בפוטושופ – קורס נוער

Have you ever thought about being a pirate standing on top of a ship with...

Israeli Fashion 3rd-6th Grade

In this course, the students will explore various sources of inspiration and learn about different...

Israel Innovation 3rd-6th Grade

Israel is a major hub for science, technology, medicine, and inventions. Six Israeli inventions were...
English 5 Sessions

Krav Maga Self Defense 3rd-8th Grade

Krav Maga is the simplest and most effective method of self-defense and provides an individual...
Hebrew/English 10 sessions

Yom HaShoah Remembrance Event – Virtual Tour in Holocaust Museum

Join the community to commemorate Yom HaShoah, On April 26th, 2022, at 5PM PST/8PM EST...
English 1 Session Apr 26, 2022

Jewish Heroes

In this course we will zoom in to famous and not famous Jewish heroes and...
English 5 Sessions

The voices

Let’s sing together!!! Ofek is happy to invite you to be part of OFEK’s voice...
Hebrew 5 Sessions

Israel’s History :
From a Dream to a Reality

In the history course we will talk about Israel since the days of its establishment....
English 5 Sessions

B’nai/B’not Mitzvah – A Family Journey

We invite parents/guardians and their Ben/Bat Mitzvah to join us to this 5 sessions course...
English 5 Sessions

עריכת וידאו ויצירת סרטונים – קורס נוער

This is your chance to improve your videos or to create a cool video from...
Hebrew 5 Sessions

Capture the Moment: Jewish Lens Photography Workshop 5th-8th Grade

This workshop is for you in the next stage in search of your Jewish-Israeli identity....
English 5 Sessions

Israeli Contemporary Popular Music

Israel has a rich and vibrant music scene. It represents Israel’s diverse culture and in...
English 5 sessions

בישול ישראלי לחטיבת הביניים ולתיכון

Join us for a magical, enjoyable, and delicious Israeli cooking experience. During each lesson, we...
Hebrew 5 Sessions

My Israel Through Art 3rd-6th Grade

Join us for a hands-on art course inspired by Israel! We will work with a...
English 5 Sessions

אפייה לחטיבת הביניים ולתיכון

The course is for the teens who love to be in the kitchen and would...
Hebrew 5 Session

B’not Mitzvah – New York- Hybrid Course

B’not Mitzvah – A hybrid course for the community of New York and the surrounding...
English 12 Sessions

B’nai/B’not Mitzvah

B’nai/B’not Mitzvah Program – A modern approach to an ancient tradition. In our sessions together,...
English 10 Sessions

A Trip Through Israel 3rd-6th Grade

“Take your backpack and a walking stick” – and join us on a trip through...
English 5 Sessions

Pioneer women: Jewish and Israeli 5th-8th Grade

Join us for a series of five sessions to celebrate Women’s History Month. We will...
English 5 Sessions

Israel’s History – Small Country Long History 5th-8th Grade

How did the State of Israel come to exist? When did the idea of a...
English 5 Sessions

You’ve Got It!

You’ve Got It! An empowerment course for teenage girls. Ofek invites teenage girls to a...
Hebrew/English 5 Sessions

My Israel Through Art 3rd-6th Grade

Join us for a hands-on art course inspired by Israel! We will work with a...
English 5 Sessions

Baking for Middle School and High School

This course is for teens who love being in the kitchen and who want to...
English 5 Session

B’nai Mitzvah – Fathers and Sons

The “Bar Mitzvah” is an exciting step for a young Jew in his journey growing...
English 5 Sessions

Israeli Spirit 3rd-6th Grade

Let’s experience Israel together! In our sessions, we’ll get to know the Hebrew calendar, learn...
English 5 Sessions

Holocaust through “Violins of Hope” 8th-12th Grade

Experience the history of the Holocaust through the language of music. Learn how the treatment...
English 5 Sessions

“Love in a Postcard”; the Holocaust survival story of Rita Berwald (Rimalower-Nettler) a Kindertransport child 4th-6th Grade

Ahead of Holocaust International Remembrance Day, that will be observed in January, we invite you...
English 5 Sessions

Voices from the Holocaust II: Advanced Holocaust Studies

This class will focus on a more in-depth study of the history of the Holocaust,...
English 5 Sessions

פיתוח אפליקציות – קורס נוער

If you ever wanted to create a game or any other functional app, this the...
Hebrew 5 Sessions

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