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Jewish American Heritage Month

“Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Hope For Tomorrow. The Important Thing Is Not To Stop Questioning.” – Albert Einstein 

Thanks to a generous grant, we are now able to offer subsidized courses to the community. In honor of Jewish American Heritage Month, we extend a warm invitation for you to collaborate with OFEK, IAC’s online learning platform. We are able to adapt our courses to different age groups as needed. Join OFEK, our interactive online educational platform, celebrating the vibrant tapestry of Jewish culture and heritage.
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All courses are live and online, can be scheduled based on your availability. Limited courses are available.

Our current courses

Journey Through Jewish American History

Offers a captivating look into the narratives, traditions, and achievements of the Jewish American community. 
The course is built to engage participants and deepen participants understanding of the rich and diverse history of Jews in America. 

Voices from the Holocaust

An introductory class that follows the chronological timeline of the Holocaust, emphasizing primary sources and survivor testimony. Beginning with the end of the Great War in 1918 through the liberation of the camps in 1945, we will continue to question the who, what, when, why, and how in attempting to gain a basic understanding of this history. 

Intro to Israel’s Story

Let’s experience Israel together! 
In this course we will learn about the establishment of the State of Israel and how it became a start Up nation. Participants will explore the markets and special foods, visit unique places for the different religions, and the many fascinating cultures of Israel that make this country so exciting and one-of-a-kind. 

Hebrew Conversational

An introductory class to conversational Hebrew. During the course we will learn: Basic vocabulary, conducting short conversations such as self-introduction and key verbs to be able to conduct simple dialogues. 
We will also explore the revival of the modern Hebrew, places and sites in Israel, Israeli songs and more.  

By partnering with OFEK, you can provide your community with access to high-quality educational resources, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jewish heritage. Together, we can inspire learning, promote cultural exchange, and strengthen the bonds that unite us. 

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